Retirement Planning

PFS gets asked a lot How much do I need in retirement?

You may also see statements on TV that you need XXX amount money in retirement. Well infact no-one knows this answer but YOU.

Everyone is different and every persons goals are different.

So we ask YOU, what do you want to do in retirement?

  • Pay the house off?
  • Play Golf
  • Travel Australia
  • Travel the world
  • Play Bingo every Friday night
  • Look after the Grandkids
  • Take the Grandkids away on holiday
  • Watch every AFL/NFL game I can live in Person
  • PUB meals once a week with a flutter on the Pokies.
  • Complete my bucket list.
  • How long are you living for?So we here at PFS can’t give you the answer on how much you need for retirement but we can certainly work with you to achieve the answer and your goals for retirement.


Superannuation Accumulation is where you start work as early as 15 and work through until you retire. All this time your superannuation is in accumulation phase (meaning building money).

YOUR superannuation is growing in the background whilst you go about your life, have numerous loves, test your sexuality, have a family, build your first home, get married, get divorced, buy a puppy, buy a cat, buy and sell numerous cars, have numerous different hair styles, your superannuation still ticks along in the background growing and growing.

We here at PFS (Personal Finance Solutions) understands your life is busy and superannuation is the least of your worries. Why not let PFS look after your superannuation in the accumulation phase? PFS will call you to arrange a meeting every year, call you to discuss other alternative investments and income streams.

After all your superannuation is eventually what you will need, want and desire to live on. Do you know how much money you have in your saving account? Do you know how much you have in super? After all it is YOUR money, why not partner up with some-one who wants to work you and does not just see you as a number?

TTR – Transition to Retirement

Transition to retirement strategies are commonly known as TTR strategies.

Can a TTR strategy benefit YOU?

Do you want to slow down at work from full-time to part-time?

Can a TTR strategy benefit you financially by reducing your tax liabilities?


As you get older your investment risk profile changes, Keeping your capital becomes more important rather than searching for the big returns. This is why Personal Financial Solutions works with you through every stage of life to ensure as you get older your investments still grow whilst offering you a stable and reliable return. There are numerous products offering different returns and different risk strategies.

    • How long will your investment lasts?
    • Now I am retired can I not worry about the investment market?
    • I have a lump sum or I can get a pension? Which one is best for me?

We have all heard the stories about the 2007 GFC where one of your relatives lost a lot of money and now their retirement is not looking as good. This is why PFS works with you and your risk profile to develop strategies that work even in tough times.


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