Retail vs Industry

Industry super funds have a great marketing campaign explaining why you should not go to the big banks. But are they all they crack up to be? Both industry super funds and retail funds have their good side and their bad sides. We here at PFS are happy to look and recommend the best one for YOU and YOUR circumstances. We do this by using your goals and objectives and what is important to YOU. YOUR superannuation is not about Retail fund vs Industry fund it is about YOU and YOUR retirement. Does the Retail fund or Industry fund care if you can buy a loaf of bread this week? PFS do care and want to help you make the right decisions for YOU.

Self-managed Super Fund

SMSF are / were the new buzz in the superannuation industry. Is the SMSF adequate for you? Do you have the time for a SMSF? What is involved with a SMSF?

Not every person should have a SMSF, and in fact PFS (Personal Finance Solutions) have advised some clients to wind theirs up. SMSF are great if you have time, want to control the investment product and really have a sound understanding of investment strategies.

PFS have the belief that the best people for a SMSF are people whose business is leasing a property and are not contributing to their own superfund. Here a SMSF can really represent good value. Ask us why?


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